In order to meet the needs of our customers with the most advanced steel fabrication technology available, Trifecta has invested in a Hypertherm high-performance plasma cutting system with Rapid Part™ technology.

Trifecta’s investment in Hypertherm plasma cutting innovation demonstrates our commitment to providing the best and most efficient steel fabrication services. Hypertherm is known throughout industry for advanced plasma cutting technology. Our investment enables us to deliver unmatched quality and fast production. Hypertherm’s Rapid Part technology also provides significant cost savings, which we pass along to our customers.

The Hypertherm plasma cutter creates fine-feature parts with top of the line quality. The consistency and accuracy that the machine produces allows the engineers at Trifecta to eliminate the cost of secondary cuts and operations.

Trifecta Steel is proud to use Hypertherm’s plasma power supplies, knowing that they are engineered to deliver industry-leading energy efficiency with power efficiency ratings of 90% or greater and power factors up to 0.98. A high level of energy efficiency, long consumable life, and lean manufacturing allow Trifecta to use fewer natural resources in our process which reduces our environmental impact.

Trifecta is equipped to be your strategic manufacturing partner with unbeatable plasma cutting capabilities.

Rapid Part Technology Benefits:

  • Increased number of parts produced per hour by as much as 100%
  • Decreased cut-to-cut cycle time
  • Optimized cut performance for extreme accuracy
Plasma Cutter